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Masterlist post.

Welcome to my fic journal. Fics here may contain explicit themes up to an NC-17 rating, although these will be clearly marked. People who are offended by homosexual content should leave now. No rights held to any of the characters/programmes referenced, except where clearly stated. Nothing written here for profit.

Masterlist of fics posted here

Walk Like A Man (1/1 complete)

Fandom: Lewis
Pairing: Lewis/Hathaway
Rating: PG-15 for language/themes, whatevs.
Summary: Hathaway has a cold. He's driving Lewis mad. Six months into a happy - if secret - relationship, Lewis finds himself saying something he regrets.
A/N: I wrote this on the back of an epically rubbish weekend as the fic equivalent of hot chocolate and cake! I don't think I've ever written anything so fluffy and ridiculous so far, but I enjoyed it and I hope you do too (my beta-of-sorts did, anyway). H/C, slight angst and Innocent (whom I adore) abound. Feedback of all sorts is absolutely lived for.

Don't look like that, you're not the bloody Andrex puppyCollapse )


Title: The Place That Didn’t Exist (8/8) NOW COMPLETE!
Fandoms: Torchwood/Lewis crossover with addons
Pairings: Mainly Lewis/Hathaway, Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Hathaway with implied and/or explicit slash, femmeslash and het everywhere ever.
Warnings: R/NC-17 for sex. AU for S2 Torchwood, spoilers for S4 Who as far as The Doctor’s Daughter, spoilers for S2 Lewis. Most of all, CRACKFIC. Gratuitous plot, gratuitous angst, gratuitous sex (god, so much sex). Character deaths. Mockery of Captain Jack Harkness.
Wordcount: For this chapter, ~15k. Look, I don’t know.
Disclaimer: Make no money, mean no harm.
A/N: I cannot believe this thing is FINALLY DONE. So much love to all of you who’ve stayed with it, hope you like the last chapter. Particular thanks to J. for continued, er, “encouragement”, by which I mean abuse and grabby hands. Feedback is absolutely lived for.

Chapter 8: The Many Deaths of Ianto JonesCollapse )

FIC: The Place That Didn't Exist (7/8)

Title: The Place That Didn't Exist (7/8)
Fandoms: Torchwood/Lewis crossover with addons
Rating: R overall.
Pairings: MAINLY Jack/Ianto, Lewis/Hathaway, Ianto/Hathaway, with some Owen/Ianto, Owen/Tosh, Tosh/OMC, OFC femmeslash and er, some variations I am just not prepared to talk about.
Warnings: AU for Season 2 of Torchwood, spoilers for Doctor Who as far as The Doctor's Daughter, CHARACTER DEATH(S), CATHOLIC ZOMBIES (I am Anglo-Catholic. I say this like it at all justifies everything I rip off in this chapter) and SHAMELESS USE OF BOTH CLIFFHANGER AND DEUS EX MACHINA. Also the healing power of group sex. CRACKFIC. Catchup? Good idea. Chapters 1-6 available on the tptde tag, below.
A/N: I apologise. I kill SOME PEOPLE in this chapter. I make SOME OTHER PEOPLE fight zombies. I don't know VERY MUCH about space travel. I also start capitalising things at random and I refuse to repent. Many many thanks to everybody who's kept up with this - only one more chapter to go!

Chapter 7: Inspector Lewis and the Catholic ZombiesCollapse )
The Place That Didn't Exist (6/?)
Author: slasheuse 
Rating: R overall.
Fandoms & Pairings: Torchwood / Lewis crossover. Main pairings of Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Hathaway and Hathaway/Lewis. Additional slash and het on both sides, with OCs.
A/N: Thank you to everyone who has followed the series so far. I've decided to continue it here on my new fic journal. You can find all the past chapters here - Chapters [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Since the series is now getting pretty plot-heavy - and taking up more time than I'd originally intended, I enclose a summary of Chapters 1-5 below, if you need a refresher or otherwise wish to indulge my innate ridiculousness. In this chapter, we take a break from Plot Plot Plot to allow our heroes to commit acts of emotional cruelty at each other. Oh, and Jack is a shit. Bet none of you saw THAT one coming.

FIC: Epsilon (Lewis/Hathaway) 1/1

Hi hi. I r srs fic writer, this r srs fic. Well. Sort of. Inspired by the premise of the splendid 50 sentences fic (to be found here, and very well worth reading), I did this. Except I didn't sign up for a claim properly and doubtless this means the internets police are on their way. Mostly I have written this as an apology for the crack.

Title: Epsilon
Pairing: Lewis/Hathaway
Rating: PG-15, maybe?
A/N: 1sentence offers 50 prompts and you can only write one sentence for each prompt. I chose Epsilon. I also did all sorts of awful things with pronouns and POVs, for which your indulgence.
Summary: Fifty moments in the lives of Robert Lewis and James Hathaway. Chosen nearly (but not quite) at random. Many thanks to the Boff for sitting next to me in the library and debating our skillz.

EpsilonCollapse )
God, took me long enough.
[Title] The Place That Didn't Exist (5/?)
[Fandoms and Pairings] Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones ; DS Ianto Jones/DS James Hathaway ; DS James Hathaway/DI Robert "Robbie" Lewis. With Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/OC and more slash, het and femmeslash all over the place. Crack.
[Summary] Incorrigible crack. Alien forces are at work in the LGBT population of Oxford University, and DS Ianto Jones must bring waistcoats, charm and Treacherous Welsh Bedroom Skills damn fine coffee to the aid of Oxford City Police. This is very good news for DS James "Emo Like" Hathaway, very bad news for Inspector Lewis, and really shit news for Jack Harkness, Time Agent and Rubbish Boyfriend. Oh, and space pirates. Lots of them. Space pirates and lesbians. In this chapter: Ianto has a really, really rubbish day, the M4 is unreliable, and THERE IS A DECLARATION. M'just saying.
[A/N] I apologise again for the wait, the character torture and the bastardisation of everything ever. I also humbly say sorry to the inhabitants of Wigan. I am sure it's a very nice place. Blame my sort-of beta and worthy recipient. Comments are LOVE. Love.
FIND PREVIOUS CHAPTERS through the tag "tptde".

Chapter 5: Like Jesus, In A WayCollapse )


[ Title ] The Place That Didn't Exist (4/?)[ Fandoms & Pairings ] Lewis / Torchwood crossover. Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones ; DI Robert Lewis/DS James Hathaway ; DS Ianto Jones/DS Hathaway ; Rhys/Gwen and further slash and het on both sides.
[ Summary ] Incorrigible crackfic. Mysterious and alien forces are at work in the LGBT population of Oxford, and DS Ianto Jones must bring coffee, alien tech and really good gay sex to the aid of Oxford CID. This is very bad news for DI Robbie Lewis, very good news for DS "Emo Like" Hathaway, and questionable news for the team. In this chapter: Ianto gets his rocks off (v2.0) and Is Evil, Jack's laugh is COLD and HOLLOW, Owen is evil, Tosh is aroused, Lewis is crumpled and er, Something Very Bad Happens to the person I've not mentioned yet. And plot! Plot! Action, adventure and cameos, now with added Space Pirates. Rated hard R for mansex. And, um, cliffhangers to do with character death possibly ohgod.
[ Author's Notes ] I apologise for three things; the wait, the CHARACTER TORTURE and the sustained mockery of Captain Jack Harkness, Time Agent and Rubbish Boyfriend. Dedicated once more to the Boff. Thank you very much to everyone who's stuck with this, and COMMENTS ARE LOVE. Love.
[ Links to previous chapters ]
[ Chapter 1: Weather Continues Fine ]
[ Chapter 2: We Already Have Enough Handcuffs ]
[ Chapter 3: Poor Old Lewis ]

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May. 18th, 2008

Title: The Place That Didn't Exist (3/?)
LEWIS/TORCHWOOD CRACK. Now with MANSEX. Ianto/Jack, Lewis/Hathaway, Ianto/Hathaway plus slash and het on both sides. This chapter R for sex. Dedicated to the bff, whose own excellent ficlet I have shamelessly bastardised. I own nothing and it's probably better that way. SO many thanks to all those who have commented thus far, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Links to previous chapters: [1 Weather Continues Fine] [2 We Already Have Enough Handcuffs]